I’m currently waiting to take delivery on a 3-story townhouse built by DR Horton (Yeah, I know new construction is a gamble, although I didn’t think I would be worrying about this!)

I’m getting ready to lock my rate so I wanted to do a little impromptu walkthrough today and I saw a large crack on the edge of the foundation that appears to traverse the entire length of the wall (it disappears under each side past the sliding glass door).

The area is in the middle of wetlands (ok, swamp :D) in NJ, but it’s really built up and the rest of the units don’t really appear to have any sort of problem with this. There’s no basement so I figured no worries. From what little research I’ve done thus far, it appears that this sort of cracking can occur when the foundation is already moving/water underneath/they didn’t fill it properly?



Crack Againe

More The very last image here shows another crack going the other direction but it seems MUCH smaller and might be normal settling? Imgur

Edit: Also worth noting that the outside of the crack is now higher than the inside of the crack.

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