Apartment Hacking is when you buy a small multi-unit real estate property, live in one unit, and rent out the others.

Are you ready to get rid of debt live within your means and ensure that you will be able to retire comfortably? Then is the podcast for you! Jim Ingersoll talks to Madelyn Peay about a journey from her first steps into real estate (she was in college) to after-college experiences/jobs that ultimately led to Apartment Hacking. Listen and learn how this can work for you, too!

In this podcast with Madelyn Peay, you’ll find out:

  • Madelyn Peay’s bio
  • Why its beneficial to talk to Property Managers can be very informative
  • Recommended books that helped shift Madelyn’s work approach
  • Madelyn’s transition from employee to investor (consultant)
  • What lead Madelyn and her family to take their first step into apartment/house hacking
  • Why Madelyn calls it “Apartment Hacking”
  • Upcoming opportunities that Madelyn is working on

How to contact Madelyn: https://peayunited.org/contact-us


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