Combining finances can be complicated, but what’s even more complicated is combining one salary with two inconsistent business accounts. How do you manage the household’s budget when you don’t know what will be coming in every month? This is the question Roshan and her husband have for us today.

Roshan works as a teacher making a very steady income and has access to retirement plans like her pension and a 457(b). Her husband, on the other hand, runs a seasonal flower business that brings in $30,000 in only five weeks, and an ecommerce store with a bit more consistent income. Together, they want to develop a formula that will help them plan for early retirement, while also being able to take some risks and reinvest in their businesses.

Scott and Mindy not only walk through the regular finance aspects like spending, retirement planning, and saving, but also more relationship-based financial aspects like having money dates, keeping a shared budget, and having a retirement plan that works with your family’s lifestyle.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • What to do if you have inconsistent business income 
  • Budgeting to cut down on items like eating out and random shopping
  • Creating “distributions” from your business and giving yourself a salary
  • Investing in retirement accounts like your Roth IRA, 457(b), 403(b), and more
  • Creating a “financial formula” that will lead to you to (early) retirement
  • Having money dates and staying on top of finances as a couple
  • And So Much More!

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