My parents are thinking about downsizing and moving to a LOCL area. The found a house they seem to like, but the exterior is Stucco, and it doesn’t look like it’s in the best shape.

  1. How expensive/an ordeal is it to replace stucco? The house is going for a bit higher than they were looking to spend, so they are reluctant to put in more than 20-30k for long-term fixes that are needed immediately.

  2. Is there a long term solution that’s find for the structural integrity of the house, without a full replacement?

They don’t know anything about this sort of replacement, so I’ve encouraged them to ask around and hoping to do the same. They don’t need the house to last forever, but they do want it to be solid for 50-60 years, and not a patchwork-needing property that has to have money constantly poured into it. It’s an old house – so they’re thinking twice about this, as stucco does not fare best with age – but they want to know more.

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