So I had purchased a home and the monthly mortgage looked good and all but shortly after I moved in my home insurance dropped me and I scrambled to find a different homeowners insurance.

I wouldn’t mind paying the shortage over a period of 12 months but I’m afraid that my mortgage payment will only go up. And I’m not too comfortable paying $1,400 in the long term.

Part of me just wants to pay the shortage in full so I can keep my monthly mortgage payments low ($1,200. Maybe I can shop around and hopefully find home insurance that’s cheaper.

My mortgage payments at closing was $1,100 but as I said I had to get a different home owners insurance since the other one dropped me and that’s what is the reason for the increase.

Although I probably should have put more effort into shopping for homeowners insurance.

Also, is it possible to keep the homeowners insurance separate from my mortgage? Could I pay for the mortgage every month and then a separate bill for the homeowners insurance every month? Not like it makes a difference

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