I’m in the process of renovating and staging my Manhattan studio and we currently have this style going on: https://imgur.com/a/fF0Nuc2 .

My wife and I are big fans of that look and she did the majority of the decorating/selections (along with great advice from some very helpful redditors), but we were subsequently told that this isn’t the best style to go with for selling a place because it doesn’t have mass appeal.. unlike the more common look of NYC places like this https://streeteasy.com/building/15-west-12-street-new_york/10g . I know at a minimum we need to reduce the number of pillows so it feels less busy and possibly get a headboard/cover the brass legs.

I’m being told that NYC is a seller’s market and it may not be that big of a deal, but curious if anyone thinks it would make a material difference to re-stage in a different style. Also, the kitchen renovation is still being finalized (backsplash tiles will be replaced with different ones, some of the cabinets will be re-arranged to be more symmetrical, gaps filled, etc).

If anyone has any advice (especially if you have experience in the NYC area!) it would be much appreciated.

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