Actually 2 things were damaged.

The small damage: When we got back home after leaving for them to do their 90 minute inspection I found a couple small shards of glass by the front door. I look up to see the glass front of my porch flood light broke off. I look in my garbage can and see they swept most of the broken glass and disposed of it in my can.

No big deal but still, they should have told me.

I called their agent and asked what happened. She said, “Oh god, I’m so sorry, I forgot to tell you… I guess when they were on the roof the pressure must have made the glass front of the bulb get loose.

Cost of damage – a new flood light bulb for maybe $10.

The big damage: I am a musician and I have a Yamaha keyboard in the middle of my living room (photo) located behind the couch under the ceiling fan. Today I sit down at the keyboard and find 2 of my black keys in the center are broken. 1 broken in half but was carefully placed back together so it wouldn’t be noticed and the other snapped at it’s base. The keyboard is useless. The broken key could be Crazy glued but the other one is damaged beyond repair. It’s a $400 keyboard that they don’t even sell anymore and the only thing comparable is $549+ tax.

Only explanation I can think of is ~ the inspector may have dropped a tool on it? Was tugging on the fan chain and probably dropped a tool or a measuring tape on it? Something got dropped on it to cause that kind of damage.

I 100% know, beyond any doubt, there was no damage to my keyboard before the inspection.

If they didn’t tell be about the broken flood light it makes sense they wouldn’t tell me about this.

I’M SO FUCKING MAD!!! But… I have no absolute proof and the closing is about to be in 2 weeks and it doesn’t feel guaranteed.

What would you do?

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